Back to School Anxiety Simulator Pro

I had a hard time with college the first time I went. I was disenchanted with my major and I felt like I was wasting my time being there. Things got really bad for me for a really long time. I borrowed a lot of money, my schedul kept me from working. It was a bad time.

When I made the decision to return to school, I knew this time would be different. I was a lot more clear in my purpose. I was in a much more stable place in my personal life. Knowing this things did nothing to assuage the feeling of anxiety that hounded me during the month leading up to my return to school. Back to School Anxiety Simulator was an exercise in expressing that anxiety in the form of a game.

I used Mini Jam 9

as both a prompt and a framework for getting the game together. The day after the jam ended was my first day back at school.

At a very basic level, the game is very basic. I used a series of event calls through Unity's UI system to put together a simple resource management game. The idea was to convey the balancing act I was undertaking with finding time for work, study, and essential biological functions.

The reality of the situation was way less intense than I had initially made it out to be. I made the transition back into school easily. I found myself able to juggle the various things I was responsible for and, in doing so, found my capacity to be much greater than initially thought. I've since taken a great deal more onto my plate and seem to continue to do so.

One other thing that I find special about this game, is it's (as I write) the only game I've made that features a live instrument played by myself. I've played guitar since my teenage years, but had been largely hesitant to use the instrument in my games, preferring instead to use midi sequenced tracks that fit the aesthetic of the arcade-style games I often work on.

You can play the game here.