Gerald Burke


I’m Gerald Burke. I’m currently studying Programming at Northeast State Community College. I’ve been studying development both academically and privately for just over three years now and have experience in C#, Java, Python, front-end development with HTML5 and CSS3, as well as some client-side scripting with JavaScript and server-side development with PHP and MySQL.


Machine Technician (Contract), Unicoi County Election Commision, Erwin, Tennessee (2020-Present)

I set up and provide support and training for voting machines.

Peer Tutor, Northeast State Community College, Blountville, Tennessee (2019-Present)

I tutor computing courses at the Learning Center.

Fresh Cap(Inventory) Associate, Walmart, Johnson City, Tennessee (2016-Present)

In this job, I process inventory, mantain shelf-availability and accomodate the needs of customers.

Installer, Apollo Retail, Tampa Florida (2013-2014)

In this job, I traveled considerably. We were responsible for installing retail hardware and displays for our clients. We were responsible for drafting field reports, managing and utilizing client feedback, and most importantly ensuring the highest quality of work to provide the best value for our customers.

Inventory Management Specialist, Walmart, Unicoi, Tennessee (2011-2013)

During my time in the position I spent most of my days interfacing with a handheld terminal, managing store inventory and serving the needs of our customers.


Tools and Frameworks
Soft Skills


A.A.S, Programming, Northeast State Community College, Blountville, Tennessee (2018 - 2020)

-GPA 3.85

B.S Digital Media, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee (2014 - 2016)

-Left the program to study programming and software development, independently at first, then at Northeast.


Tri-Cities Game Developers

The Tri-Cities Game Developers is a networking and professional development group I started for area game developers. We host regular meetings where we discuss tools, techniques, and trends and we’ve also exhibited member work at regional conventions and have hosted development events like game jams.

Association for Computing Machinery

I'm putting together a game development workshop for the Northeast State Student Chapter of the ACM this semester.


Conapalooza, Kingsport Tennessee

I run a booth at Conapalooza every year. I also give talks and host panels about games and game development.

ETSU Con, Johnson City Tennessee

I ran a booth and hosted a development panel in the last year of the convention.

Second Harvest Food Bank, Kingsport Tennessee

I've helped with the backpack program, where we pack food bags for students in need that are distributed through area schools.

ChIPs, Erwin Tennessee

ChIPs is a domestic violence resource center in Erwin Tennessee. They are largely funded through sales by the adjoining thrift store. I worked in the store, helping them organize their stock room, manage their inventory, and process donations.


I'm a very big fan of self-directed learning. Taking online courses is one of the best (and cheapest) ways of keeping up with new tools, techniques, and technologies. This is why I've included online coursework I have completed here.

C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding
Mosh Hamendani - Udemy

This marked the first time I really started to dip my toes into programming. The course taught me the fundamentals; primitive types, functions, classes, etc...

C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP
Mosh Hamendani - Udemy

This was my introduction to OOP concepts such as objects, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games
Ben Tristem, - Udemy

This course changed my life. I not only learned how to use Unity, but I learned the entire game development pipeline. I took skills from this that I've used in every part of my development life and career.

Complete ASP NET MVC Web Development
Brett Hargreaves - Udemy

This course introduced me to an entirely new stack. ASP.NET is very different from more tradition web dev stacks, but it fit like a glove for me as a native c# programmer.

The Web Developer Bootcamp
Colt Steele - Udemy

I learned the traditional front end stack as well as a backend using Node.js and React.

Monogame: Introduction to C# Programming
Kyle Schaub - Udemy

This course served as an introduction to the MonoGame framework. It's an open-source game development framework based heavily on Microsoft's now deprecated XNA library.